Star Trek: Nullabor

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Sai fought against his natural instincts. He wanted to run, fight, do anything except continue on as normal. He realised that the only thing he had going for himself right now was camouflage. The Romulans would never have seen a ship like this one and if he started running or fighting, the entire fleet would take an interest. At the moment all he had to contend with was one scout. Sai liked those odds much better.

The scout glided towards him, but he did not adjust course or speed. when the hail came, it was a relief. Sai opened a channel and got a terse question from the scout pilot. "Who are you and give me a reason why you should not be shot down immediately!"

Sai noted that they were as direct as he had expected them to be. That much was good, it meant that perhaps he could get away with this after all. He knew they would have done some scans that revealed that this would be a short range ship, if they had detected any weapons he would be dead by now, his guess was that they simply hadn't bothered, not expecting them on a short range ship that was probably a scout. If he raised their suspicions, they would do deeper scans. He decided to play the scared innocent. He responded instantly. "Don't shoot! What's going on? I've been out on a survey for the last week on the southern continent, I'm nearly out of antimatter and I need emergency clearance to land!"

The reply was just as terse. "Hold course and speed. Any deviation and you will be fired on." Sai had no intention of testing the sincerity of those words. He had this nagging feeling that he should be dead already, Romulans were more thorough than this. They had clearly been good enough to detect him flying in the zone most likely to confuse their sensors but they hadn't thought anything of it. Then there was the standard scans that they hadn't done, nothing was adding up right but at least this was an error in his favour - at least for now.

The colony was now in sensor range and he started getting data from it. There was very little damage to the colony area itself, but there were a lot of hoppers and other equipment for deploying and maintaining ground troops surrounding the colony grounds. This seemed to be more of a blockade than an invasion. There was some damage to the buildings in the main colony grounds but whatever had happened was now over and the colony appeared calm albeit under siege. The colony itself was small in size, Sai estimated that it would have held little more than a hundred people in total. It was impossible to guess the original purpose of the buildings which had been wiped out, but the ones which remained looked like standard research prefabs. Sai could not help but wonder if they had holographic duck blinds hiding some of the colony from the attackers.

One of the things that Sai noticed was that not all the ground equipment surrounding the colony appeared to be Romulan. Some of the peripheral equipment came from sources he did not immediately recognise, meaning that they were either procured specifically for the mission or accumulated and put to use along the way. Neither option sat well with Sai, he remembered from his training that the Romulans didn't use foreign technologies directly or openly, they usually destroyed equipment their campaigns yielded or spirited it away for research or intelligence purposes. The Tal Shiar sometimes got their hands on equipment for undercover operations, but they never deployed it in open combat like that. That left option one. The problem with that was not that it did not fit the Romulan approach to combat, but rather it meant that they had some surprises ready to help them achieve their objectives.

Sai was still running the problem over in his mind when the comm link came to life. "Land at the hangars to the north of the colony site. If you do not do so immediately, or if you take off again at all you will be destroyed. The line went dead before he could respond. That did not cause him any concern. He headed the ship for the designated hangars and entered the atmosphere. There was none of the usual traffic in the area and Sai could not get any answer from the communications tower. As he landed he noticed why. The tower had been taken out in a precision action, the remains of the disrupter blasted tower were easily visible. The tower had been obliterated but the ships parked nearby escaped unscathed. Sai suspected that all the communication centres had suffered the same fate. He parked the interceptor in a vacant bay and stepped from it.

Looking around momentarily revealed that the hangars were deserted. He headed over to the gates leading into the colony proper, where there was a small contingent of curious bystanders who had come to see who had landed. They were all wearing Starfleet science uniforms and looked scared. Some were packing weapons, but they seemed to calm down when they saw his uniform. He could hear them whispering that Starfleet was here and things were going to be alright.

Sai realised at this point just how important it was that he get this right and how unprepared he was for the reality he now faced. He was a pilot. This was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission and now here he was, dirt side in the middle of a blockaded colony with a civilian population of scientists looking to him for explanations that he couldn't give. Even if he could, he needed to get the information from his sensors back to the Nullabor for analysis.

As he approached them the bystanders were becoming a small crowd. News was spreading fast. He got to the gates as the crowd started screaming with one voice for answers and explanations and revenge for the attack on them and any information he might have and did he know who it was...

Sai felt his head reeling at all the noise. He was a pilot, not a diplomat. He could feel the back of his neck starting to tingle with the need to escape from these people, to run away with his information and risk all in a run back to the Nullabor. He didn't need this. He was ready to turn when the booming voice brought silence to the crowd.

"All of you, Quiet! I have to report!" Sai could not see the owner of the voice but he clearly had the respect of the crowd. As if it was a single organism it stopped the cacophony of chatter and outrage. This actually made it worse for Sai. He had never truly learnt about the dynamics of crowds, he had not been brought up in large population centres, few of the Bajorans his age could say they had been but Sai had not even spent much time on his home planet after the occupation had lifted, making it worse. The crowd parted at the gate and four people marched through and opened it, indicating that he should come with them. They were each wearing Starfleet ground forces uniforms.

Sai walked towards them, taking note of their rumpled and soiled uniforms and the tired look on each face. They looked as if they had not slept for some time and they had definitely seen battle in the last few days. One of them had a disrupter burn on his leg, obviously just a graze but it had been bandaged hastily and the uniform had not been repaired. The group consisted of three males, two human and one possibly Betazoid, and a human woman. The larger of the two human males was the one wearing the chief's insignia on his collar. They were all wearing red except the Betazoid, who was in gold. Sai had not had much dealings with ground forces in the past, but he remembered that most ground troops wore red, the gold was reserved for the technical teams. Field transporter operators, hopper pilots and maintenance crew, that sort of thing. The Betazoid still had a phaser rifle slung on his back like the others but he did look a little lost compared to the other three. Sai knew how he felt.

Sai reached the group and they stood to attention. The Chief spoke. "Senior Ground Ops Chief Martin O'Toole, Sir!"

Sai was not used to being called Sir. He had spent so much time with commissioned officers that it came as a shock hearing the title in relation to himself. He thought quickly and acted like he was completely confident about what he was doing. He had learnt first hand from his captain that sometimes the lower ranks need to be sure about you, even when you are unsure of yourself. He also wanted to get things on a more even footing as soon as possible. Protocol never sat well with him anyway and besides, this was a combat situation. "At ease, Chief. In fact, at ease all of you. We don't have much time."

All four of them stood down from attention with a sigh of relief. Here was an officer with an understanding of the situation. This would make things easier, they thought. The Chief continued, this time in a less formal voice. "Which ship are you from Sir? Have the battles begun topside yet?"

Sai got a tingling in the back of his spine when he was asked about his ship. He decided not to say anything about the Nullabor. "The number and size of the fleet above is classified for now, Chief. I am to do ground recon and report back as soon as possible. I have been forced to land by enemy ships, so I will review the situation from the ground personally before attempting to rejoin the fleet. What is the garrison status here?"

The Chief swung an arm over his three companions. "You're looking at it. All the communication points were hit from above and the Starfleet garrison was taken out at the same time. The four of us were on leave outside the facility when it was hit. We have been engaging in some hit and run tactics against any of the forces encircling us that get too close, but we are heavily out gunned and outnumbered."

"Can you take me to see what we are up against?" Sai smelled a rat. If these were Romulan forces, they would have taken out these four soldiers long ago. Less and less of this whole picture was adding up the way he had expected, The Romulans would not besiege a Federation colony this far in, especially a secret research colony. It would be advertising an incursion that would justify any reprisal the Federation Council could come up with.

"Aye Sir". The field ops Chief was quick to respond. He turned to his team. "Mau, Little, scout observation point 6." the Betazoid and the female trooper acknowledged their orders and headed off through the crowd. "Smith, clear this lot."

"Aye, Chief." The final trooper turned to the crowd, still anxious to hear any news about their fate. "Okay, people, nothing to see or hear for now. Return to your Duck Blind. Now." The crowd dispersed reluctantly over the next minute, Smith was becoming increasingly insistent with the stragglers but soon the last few were trudging off through the street. O'Toole sent Smith off to join the others at point six.

Sai turned to O'Toole. "Chief, what exactly have you been facing down here? This does not look like Romulan tactics."

Little looked at the ensign with surprise on his face. "Romulans, Sir? Is that what you think we are facing?"

"What else would it be? Those are Warbirds up there, Chief." Sai pointed at the sky for effect. The Chief merely shrugged.

"That may be what is in space, and come to think about it, most of the equipment we have seen is Romulan, but we are not fighting Romulans, I can tell you that."


"Well, the four of us are alive for one thing." Sai was relieved to hear the Chief say this. It meant he was no fool. Romulans had no tolerance for guerilla forces, they had learned that lesson from fighting the Klingons. Any hit and run tactics should have been met with severe reprisals on the colony, unless there was something in the colony that they dared not attack. Sai was about to ask when the Chief cut in. "This colony has absolutely no strategic value, Sir. The scientists assure me that despite their classification they are not working on any strategic military technologies. There is nothing here to warrant their attack in the first place, let alone leaving the colony alone in the face of our tactics against them. We have not been without our successes, you know."

Sai did not have to look the Chief over again to believe that. He looked like a seasoned veteran, although Sai wondered where Federation ground troops would get their experience. There had been lots of activity in the recent Dominion War, maybe this man had served in one of the campaigns of that war which had not been fought in space. "Have you managed to get a look at any of the ground troops you have been attacking? Surely that would have given you some clues."

"Unfortunately Sir, we have been keeping most of our strikes to night operations. I can tell you that they wear full body black uniforms with black full face helmets. They could almost be anyone, Sir."

"Communications tracking?"

Again the Chief shrugged. "What with? I don't have any recon equipment."

Sai smiled. "I have." It was an hour later that the two of them were standing outside the interceptor, having finished patching an active comms scan. Sai had scanned for the channels they had picked up while still on the bridge of the Nullabor and fed them into their comms badges. "The signals can only be received by you or myself, and they can be cut with a double tap, which will re-engage normal Federation channels. The scan will automatically pick up the nearest transmission and feed that in, so in the gaps between transmissions you will probably pick up other comms so it would pay to keep track of each conversation in your head as it will be interrupted fairly often." Sai demonstrated for the Chief, who whistled low.

"That's not a bad system, Sir." He tapped the feed to life and listened in on the chatter. "Can we clean it up a little Sir?" Sai made some adjustments and the voices became clearer. They were clearly not Romulan but neither of them could place the accents, strategies, or humour coming over the line to a specific species or region. "This is a mess, Sir. There are accents from inside and outside the Federation and so far there seem to be as many strategies in place as there are people on the link. Who the hell are these people?"

Sai sat, thoughtful. "I don't know, Chief. I can tell you one thing though, I have to get back to my ship with this, it's important. Is there a way out past the blockades?"

The Chief had no time to answer before a chirping signal told him someone was trying to contact him. They both cleared the feed as he answered the signal. "O'Toole. Go ahead."

The signal was from the Betazoid. "It's Mau, Chief. Observation point 6 is clear."

"Very well, we'll be there in ten minutes." He cleared the connection, turning to Sai. "Sir, we can talk about getting you out but first you should see this. It may help with your debriefing on your return." He turned and strode from the field with no backward glance. Sai realised he was expected to follow and did so. They were well out of the field when Sai thought to reconnect to the feed. There was a familiar voice in mid sentence which caused them both to freeze in their tracks.

"...Coz now is the first time I have been able to get clear from the others is why." Mau.

An unfamiliar voice then sounded over the line. "Alright then, what have you got?"

"It was a Federation Officer alright, and he's from the Nullabor, I read it in his mind. That ship he landed in is like nothing I have ever seen before, it might just be a personal shuttle but I doubt it. The Federation simply doesn't build ships like this one."

"Do you think you could get your hands on it?"

"I doubt it, but I can try. The Chief and the Officer are going to be in the remains of the old medical facility within ten minutes if you want to make a play for them. So when do I get paid for all this?"

"Soon." The unfamiliar voice held some impatience in it as the answer came through the link.

"I'd better. Impersonating Starfleet personnel is a serious business, the Syndicate owes me big time for this one."

"I said you'll get paid!" The voice hissed the response, there was no attempt to mask the anger it held. The connection was cut immediately.

"Damn Mau, I knew there was something wrong about him from the moment I saw him." The Chief looked bitter. He turned to Sai. "Sir, are you really from the Nullabor?"

There was no point hiding it anymore. Sai cursed himself for overlooking the Betazoid's ability in the first place. "Yes, Chief. I'm the Helm Officer." The Chief just nodded in response and seemed to be deep in thought for a moment. "They will be waiting for us at the observation point, won't they?"

"Aye Sir. Not that it matters now, if the Orion Syndicate is behind all this then it explains what I was going to show you anyway. There are troops out there that match no military units I have ever seen. They are more like mercenaries, and now we know they are. What the Romulans are doing in league with scum like the Syndicate is anyone's guess. We need to get you out of here of course."

"Hold on a minute, Chief, there are the scientific colonists here, not to mention the three of you..."

"We don't count, dammit!" The Chief exploded as Sai started to object. "I don't know why but I overheard enough in the mess hall the last few days before the strike to know that you are the only hope we have down here. We have hidden the scientific staff in a duck blind they had set up already, not even we know exactly where it is. They are safe for now. Your ship won't be able to help us without your telemetry, you are getting out of here and that is it." He tapped the commbadge on his chest and continued. "O'Toole to Smith."

The response came through almost immediately. "Smith here, Chief."

"Smith, where is Little and Mau?"

"Little is here with me at point six, Chief. Mau has gone off to check something he saw at the boundary. Do you want me to get him back here?"

"Negative, Smith. both you and Little report back to the landing field on the double. Send Little via the HQ to pick up the souvenir from last week's raid. Make sure Mau doesn't see you leave, understood?"

There was a slight pause. They were irregular orders. Finally Smith replied. "Understood, Chief. We're on our way." The comm link closed.

Sai lost no time interrogating this Chief who knew more than he had let on. "What do you mean that we are your only hope? This is more than we have been told, I can assure you."

The Chief merely chuckled. "That doesn't surprise me. Still, I know you are carrying weapons and engineering equipment to DS2. I know you are out here with no backup or support, and I know that the Commander of this little outpost was under instruction to extend any and every courtesy to you should you end up here for any reason. Good enough?"

"No Dammit! If you know more you could help us out up there you know." Sai was irritable about the whole affair.

The chief didn't seem to care much. "It'll have to do. It's all I know and now I am going to do what my Commander would have done and extend to you every courtesy. If the Orion Syndicate is involved in this, then I suspect you are the only hope these scientists have. The Romulan Empire would treat prisoners respectfully at least, as for the syndicate who knows? I would prefer to see DS2 set up as a staging point for the defence of this sector rather than let this filth just march in here, wouldn't you?"

Sai admitted that this made sense. He wasn't expendable in this case but he was sure that the Chief's motives would backfire. When Captain Walker heard all this, he knew what the Nullabor's course of action would be. They were not far from the field and headed back there immediately, checking the area carefully in case the Syndicate had beaten them there. It was barely minutes before the other Smith and Little arrived, the latter holding a small device in her hands.

Both of them looked a little worried about their current orders. Smith tried to make it seem like a casual enquiry but failed miserably. "What's up, Chief?"

"Mau's an infiltrator. Those bastards out there are Orion Syndicate." Sai noticed both faces pale slightly as their chief delivered the news. He continued, nodding a head at Sai. "This is the helm officer aboard the Nullabor, we have to get him out of here."

Smith shrugged. "We have the site to site transporter still. That can beam him with his ship up into the atmosphere somewhere, and I can have this installed in five minutes." He took the device from Little and headed for the interceptor.

"What is that thing?" Sai was concerned. He was not happy about someone tinkering with the inside of his ship.

The Chief actually grinned. "It's a cloaking device. Don't ask where or how we got it, better you don't know. Once it's in, it will start up with the engines, then switch off when you power down. I doubt it will hold out much longer, it was damaged by the time it came into our possession. Fortunately, Smith here has been playing with it a little."

Sai looked at the Chief, glad they were on the same side. "It'll get me home, that's enough."

The Chief grunted in approval. "We better start setting a watch, the ambush those bastards set for us at point six will come up empty soon and their next stop will be here for the ship." He turned to Little. "Set up a point watch at the gates, that's where they are likely to come from."

"Aye Chief." Little went to her station with no argument. Sai could not help but notice that all three of them had that battle seasoned look about them. The Chief sent him up to the ship. He was told to be ready to take the bird up as soon as the package was installed. O'Toole then headed off for another vantage point to wait for the enemy.

By the time he got there Smith was nearly finished. "A minute to go, Sir, then we'll have you out of here."

He had barely finished saying it when the brief and terse message sounded through the comm badges. The voice was Little's. "There here." As if to emphasise who 'they' were, the sound of phaser fire could be heard through the link just before it cut out.

Smith looked up at Sai, who was climbing into the cockpit. "They've entered the colony area, Sir. It could get a little hot out here."

Sai was unconcerned for himself. "We can take care of ourselves. What about the scientists?"

Smith chuckled slightly as he worked. "Little and I knew enough from the Chief's tone over the link when he pulled us out of point six. The first thing we did was drop by the duck blind and warn them to stay put. Fortunately they had moved the duck blind just yesterday without telling us, all the civilians will be fine. Mau won't be able to find them." Seconds later a disrupter blast flashed past the ship, inches from Smith. "We on the other hand..." Sai noticed his hands moving quicker over the component.

Sai ordered Smith as close to the ship as possible while working and then activated the shields. The disrupter blast that struck them an instant later would have vaporized Smith. Neither exchanged words of thanks, it was not required. They were both doing what they had to.

By the time Smith had completed fitting the cloaking device the beams were lancing off the shields heavily. They were on the verge of collapse when Smith shouted to Sai to drop them and run. Sai was unimpressed. "The hell I will! I'm not leaving you in this!"

"Yes you are, Sir! I've been in tighter spots before and the Chief will get me out of this one too. We need you to get out of here if we have any hope, now go!"

Sai glanced over to the positions the Chief and Little were defending. They were faring much worse than the ship had been on the field. They had succeeded in distracting the main forces from the activity out on the open landing area but it was clear that they would not hold out much longer. Smith was all but unarmed in comparison to them, trained more in engineering than actual combat, leaving him here was a death sentence. He looked back to the man, and saw that he had come to the same conclusion. He mouthed one word silently - Go. He knew the price of getting the officer out and was prepared to pay it. Sai turned his attention to the controls. He killed the shields and fired up the main reactor core. The lights within the cockpit darkened and he saw the shock on the faces of the attacking troops. He realised that the cloak had worked.

As he saw the familiar orange bursts of columnated energy erupt from under him he realised that the effect had also saved Smith's life, at least in the short term. They had stopped the assault on the position long enough for him to find some scant cover and put up a defence. He had taken out three soldiers before the ground forces lost interest in the distortion effects of a ship engaging a cloaking field and turned their attentions back to more immediate concerns. The last thing Sai saw before he launched at speed towards the upper stratosphere was a view of the entire landing field. Fire was concentrated on all three positions held by the Federation ground troops. They were dug in like professionals, but Sai knew deep down that it was merely a matter of time. They were hopelessly outnumbered and someone would have to pay for his escape. He uttered an oath of revenge in the Prophets' name for this before he shot away, undetectable by the forces surrounding the colony.


Alexis had never seen Walker pacing before. It was a difficult enough practice on any starship bridge, but on the tiny bridge of the Nullabor, it was next to impossible. The strength of the emotions pouring from him was overwhelming her but she did her best to hide the agitation from the bridge crew. She could understand his worry, Sai was well overdue for a simple reconnaissance mission and with his track record aboard the Nullabor almost everything that Walker could envisage Sai getting himself into was not beyond the realm of possibilities. He was blaming himself mostly, letting a junior officer travel alone into such a dangerous situation. He knew that there was no chance that even an interceptor could get past a Romulan blockade, Sai would have let loose, tried to fight his way out of there. It was a waste of a good young man.

Alexis whispered the thought in her mind. "He will be okay."

His thoughts came back hurried, nervous. "If he was going to be alright he would be back by now."

"You don't know that, Thomas. Anything could have happened, and it's not necessarily bad." Walker wasn't convinced, but he calmed down, much to Alexis' relief. She was really worried herself, but she had not noticed until then because Walker's concern as the Commanding Officer of the ship had drowned it out. She spent a minute collecting herself before the alert sounded at Voraak's station.

"Incoming cloaked vessel on direct intercept, Captain."

Walker was facing the rear of the bridge when Voraak reported, causing him to spin around so fast Alexis thought he might get whiplash. "Can we get configuration?"

"Attempting to now Sir. It doesn't look like anything that we have come up against yet. It's small, maybe a cloaked guided missile or a reconnaissance probe."

Walker groaned inwardly. It looked like their presence here was no longer a secret. "How long until it is in weapons range?"

"Thirty seconds Sir."

"Alright then, arm photon torpedoes, ready phasers. We will have to take it out whatever it is."

"Aye Sir." Voraak made the necessary preparations and announced the systems as ready.

"Be prepared to fire on my mark. Call off the range."

"Aye Sir." Voraak looked down to his console. "One hundred thousand metres to range... eighty thousand metres to range... sixty thousand metres to range..."

"What ever it is, it's coming in fast." Walker whispered the comment to his First Officer. "Do you think they may have managed to capture Sai?"

Alexis chuckled softly. "I doubt it. You know what he is like better than I do, but I think if he went down it was all guns blazing..." She stopped speaking and a worried look appeared on her face. She turned to Voraak. "Hold fire!" She turned back to her Captain before continuing. "It's Sai out there, Thomas. Something has happened to him, he is so upset I can hear his thoughts from here."

Walker turned to Voraak. "Stand down all weapons. Ready the flight bay to receive an incoming interceptor." Voraak complied quickly and Walker turned back to Alexis. "I think we should meet him there."


Walker turned to Voraak. "You have the bridge." They left in the turbolift, Walker linking in to Dr Eritt on the way. "Dr Eritt, please report to the flight bay immediately."

"What is happening, Captain?"

"I am not sure yet, but we may have wounded incoming. Sai's out there."

There was a slight pause on the link. "Understood, Captain. I'm leaving now. Eritt out."

The three of them met on the flight bay deck and turned to see Botha rushing in. "Captain, I just heard. I thought that if there was damage to the ship that would keep us from getting to him..."

"Understood, Commander. You can wait with us." A signal sounded through flight bay indicating that a ship was landing. The force field covering the entrance rippled as a translucent interceptor passed through it. Several seconds after it did the ship rematerialised in a shower of dissipating energy streams. It set down as gracefully as ever and Sai climbed out quickly. Botha ran to the ship and Dr Eritt ran to the pilot, each pulling out a tricorder to examine their subject.

Sai was desperate to reach his Captain. He nearly knocked the doctor over to get to him. "We have to help them, they are going to die for getting me out!"

"Who's going to die? calm down and tell me what happened out there." Walker glanced at Dr Eritt to spoke briefly.

"Physically he's okay but as you can see he is excited about something, his nervous system is nearly at overload."

Sai composed himself slightly and continued. There was a cloaked scout ship on the atmosphere's edge that discovered me. I played the scared scientist returned from a survey job and they let me land. There were only four Starfleet troopers left, one of them was a fake. He was Betazoid, they know that the Nullabor is here. The scientists are hidden away, but the three Starfleet people were pinned down at the landing area when I left. They got me out and now the Orion Syndicate is going to kill them!"

Orion Syndicate. As the words were uttered a silence fell over the room. The crewmen in the controller's station looked at each other. Even Botha looked up from his inspection of the interceptor. A lot of pieces fell into place for Walker, it explained the tactics they had seen. Kelsey was the first to break the silence. "They have killed a lot of good people if there are only three left, and from what Sai is saying, they are as good as dead as well. I know these scum, Captain. They will hunt out the scientists and kill them as sport just to prove to us that we should not interfere in their business. We have to go in."

Sai found his voice once more. "That's right Sir. There is still a chance!" Sai could hear the desperation in his voice as well as his Captain could. There was no hope for the three soldiers in reality. They would be dead already. They could only be avenged.

Walker found himself feeling the rage at their deaths through his link to Kelsey, who was being swamped with the emotions from the young Bajoran. Soldiers, especially Officers, were taught from the outset that revenge never made a good motive for battle and that plans made in anger rarely worked. He tried to distance himself from the emotions, but found that he couldn't. It was then that he realised that the anger he felt was as much his own as anybody else's. How dare that scum kill good people just to get to them. How dare they attack his ship and kill his people and then take on scientists just to lure them here. He had made his decision, but he was going to give his crew every advantage.

"Okay, we are going in, but only after we have studied your telemetry and have a plan ready. Botha, I need you to get that interceptor ready as soon as possible."

Botha had walked over a small burnt object in his hand. "Aye Sir. I found a burnt out cloaking device in there, I am not going to ask where it came from, but what should we do with it?"

"Give it to Glir. Maybe he can do something with it. Okay everyone, Officers meeting in my ready room in one hour. By then I want that telemetry analysed and this ship battle ready. We are going to teach these bastards a lesson they won't forget."


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